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Detailed introduction of experimental vacuum electric arc furnace


The experiment vacuum arc furnace is a electric furnace that uses electrode arc to generate high temperature to smelt ore and metals. When the gas discharge forms an arc, the energy is very concentrated, and the temperature in the arc zone is above 3000℃. For smelting metals, the arc furnace is more flexible than other steel furnaces, can effectively remove impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus, the furnace temperature is easy to control, the equipment occupies a small area, and is suitable for smelting alloy steel.

The experiment vacuum arc furnace can be divided into three-phase arc furnace, self-consumption arc furnace, single-phase arc furnace and resistance arc furnace according to the arc form. The furnace body of the arc steel furnace is composed of furnace lid, furnace door, steel outlet and furnace body, and the furnace bottom and furnace wall are built with alkaline refractory materials or acidic refractory materials. The arc steel furnace is divided into ordinary power arc furnace, high power arc furnace and ultra-high power arc furnace according to the transformer capacity of the ton furnace capacity.

The vacuum chamber of electric arc melting is designed to be vertical cylindrical, with a KF quick joint interface on the side for installing vacuum valves and auxiliary measuring elements. There is a small furnace door in front of the vacuum chamber, which is open on the side for easy loading and unloading. The small furnace door is equipped with an observation window for easy observation of the furnace during smelting. The upper part is a round sealed double-layer water-cooled furnace cover with a hole for lifting electrode rod.

The experiment vacuum arc furnace is mainly used for melting high melting point metals or alloys. It is widely used for difficult-to-melt metals and high melting point metal alloys. It is suitable for scientific research on vacuum smelting of new materials and small batch preparation in universities, colleges and research institutes.

The experiment vacuum arc furnace has the following features:

1. The furnace body is all stainless steel design, beautiful appearance, no rust;

2. Samples can be diversified: samples can be powder, filaments, wood chips and drill chips, granules, strips, rings, sludge, etc.

3. Short melting time: the heating and remelting time of most metal materials is within one minute;

4. Arc melting can make the sample fully mixed;

5. The cathode adopts tungsten electrode; the electrode life is long;

6. The crucible is made of copper and water-cooled at the same time;

7. Use inert gas protection, usually argon, or combined with vacuum mode;

 8. The novel structure of vertical side door makes it easy to load and unload;

9. Equipped with large aperture observation window to observe the smelting situation in the furnace in real time;

10. The smelting temperature is high, the temperature can reach more than 3500 degrees;

11. Use arc melting power supply;

12. Desktop design, easy to operate;

13. Equipped with operation simulation screen, control data intuitive display, simple operation;

14. High vacuum design, vacuum degree can reach 5 × 10E-4Pa or more;

15. Built-in water cooler, ready to use;

16. Use overtemperature protection and filter glass protection for eyes;

17. Water cooled copper electrode can be 360 degrees, flexible operation. At the same time, the water cooled crucible has small volume and can be replaced and customized.

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