Quadruple service

Customize your industrial furnace

Four-layer service guarantee, to customize the industrial electric furnace suitable for you. Provide a complete set of solutions for your electric furnace design, research and development, and manufacturing according to your needs.

Product customization service

Industrial furnace customized production service

Provide customized services for industrial furnaces according to customer processes and needs. During the production process, feedback the progress to customers, and provide customers with product inspection standards and inspection results.

On-site research service

Provide free consultation services on industrial furnace structure, configuration and other matters. On-site inspections, surveying and mapping, technical exchanges and guidance are available, and according to the user’s workshop layout, product characteristics, and production capacity plans, we can customize electric furnace product solutions suitable for you.

Professional installation training service

On-site installation and commissioning of the electric furnace, provide relevant technical information such as equipment basic diagrams, strong and weak current wiring diagrams, and conduct operational training for users by combining lectures and on-site operations.

1-to-1 butler-style after-sales service

The electric furnace will provide free maintenance work for one year from the date of trial operation. Visit users from time to time, track product quality, and ensure safe operation of equipment. If there is a breakdown, technicians can be assigned to repair it.

More secure

More efficient

More stable

More energy efficient

More affordable

Four guarantees

Product customization

Four service guarantees to customize your industrial electric furnace. According to your needs, provide a complete set of solutions for your electric furnace design, research and development, and manufacturing.

Furnace body processing

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