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In-Situ Synthesis of WC-6Co Cemented Carbide by SPS

It is a hot topic to study the preparation of ultrafine WC-Co cemented carbides. Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is a new technology for this material preparation. It uses (WO2.9+Co3O4+C) powders by direct reduction and carbonization in a short time at a low cost.

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Closed-cooling Induction Melting Furnace

In comparison with the traditional cooling method, closed-cooled vacuum induction melting furnace can effectively reduce equipment loss, save energy, extend the life of the equipment, and save a lot of money for enterprises.

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Detailed introduction of experimental vacuum electric arc furnace

The experiment vacuum arc furnace is mainly used for melting high melting point metals or alloys. It is widely used for difficult-to-melt metals and high melting point metal alloys. It is suitable for scientific research on vacuum smelting of new materials and small batch preparation in universities, colleges and research institutes.

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