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  1. How to determine the equipment functions and requirements?

We will understand the needs of customers in detail, and provide detailed solutions to determine the various functions. Provide free consultation services on industrial furnace structure, configuration and other matters. On-site inspections, surveying and mapping, technical exchanges and guidance are available, and according to the user’s workshop layout, product characteristics, and production capacity plans, we can customize electric furnace product solutions suitable for you.

  1. How to layout the equipment before installation?

According to the customer’s site conditions and the requirements of the equipment site, we can put forward reasonable layout suggestions and provide corresponding drawings.

  1. How to determine the process flow and operating specifications?

According to the customer’s production requirements, combined with the process flow, we will provide scientific and reasonable operating specifications and provide training for customers.

  1. How to guarantee the equipment production process?

We have established a strict production management process to ensure the quality of the equipment production process. After the equipment plan is determined, we will confirm the selection of various accessories with the customer to ensure that the customer’s usage habits or preferences are met. During the equipment production process, we will record each production node through video and pictures and send them to customers. If the customer is willing, we sincerely invite the customer to come to the company to supervise our production.

  1. How to guarantee the progress of equipment production?

We have established a strict production schedule management to ensure that the equipment is delivered on time. We will set different time nodes according to the production progress of the equipment. At each node, we will send the production status to the customer through video or pictures, so that the customer can keep abreast of the production progress.

  1. What tests are there before leaving the factory?

Each of our equipment will undergo strict testing before leaving the factory. The test content includes various functional tests, pressure tests, vacuum tests, pressure rise tests, control tests, etc.

  1. Questions about equipment installation and training?

On-site installation and commissioning of the electric furnace, provide relevant technical information such as equipment basic diagrams, strong and weak current wiring diagrams, and conduct operational training for users by combining lectures and on-site operations.

  1. Services during equipment use?

We will regularly ask customers about the usage of the equipment, put forward reasonable suggestions for equipment maintenance based on the customer’s description and feedback, and timely discover potential problems of the equipment to prevent equipment failures.

  1. Can the equipment be upgraded?

We can provide upgrading service according to customer’s requirements.

  1. How to replace the spare parts of the equipment?

We will provide replacement training and operating instructions for equipment spare parts. We provide spare parts (excluding consumables) for free during the warranty period, and provide them at preferential prices after the warranty period expires. Of course, customers also choose suppliers by themselves.

  1. How about the delivery time of the equipment?

We are equipped with sufficient accessories, and the production cycle of different electric furnaces is different. After we confirm the needs with the customer, we will give a specific time node. The general delivery time is between 1-3 months.

  1. Do you have a minimum order quantity limit?

We have no minimum order quantity requirements, and one set can also be shipped or customized according to your needs.

  1. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

Because the electric furnace is large and heavy, we usually transport it by sea in containers. Normally, the transportation time is about one month.

    14.How do you process orders?

First, let us know your requirement or application.

Second, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.

Third, the customer pays a deposit for the formal order after confirming the plan and signing the contract.

Fourth, we arrange production.

Fifth, carry out the equipment acceptance test according to the design plan and requirements.

Sixth, the product is delivered after the customer pays the final payment.

Seventh, equipment installation and training.

Eighth, after-sales service and maintenance.

    15.Is it possible to OEM, print buyer’s logo on the product?

Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design first according to our products.

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