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SPS Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Spark plasma sintering furnace (also called FAST Field assisted sintering technique or DCS Direct Current Sintering press furnace systems)is an advanced pressure sintering technology that utilizes the instantaneous high temperature, surface activation, discharge impact pressure and other effects generated by pulse discharge excitation plasma to realize rapid sintering of powder. SPS integrates plasma activation, hot pressing, and resistance heating. It has outstanding advantages such as fast heating speed, short sintering time, controllable structure, energy saving and environmental protection, and has important application potential in the preparation of high-performance materials.

SPS Spark plasma sintering furnace introduction:

SPS Spark plasma sintering furnace is a pressure sintering method that uses an on-off DC pulse current to energize and sinter directly. The primary function of on-off DC pulse current is to generate discharge plasma, discharge impact pressure, Joule heat, and electric field diffusion. The SPS device mainly includes the following parts: axial pressure device; water-cooled punch electrode; vacuum chamber; atmosphere control system (vacuum, argon); DC pulse power supply and cooling water; displacement measurement, temperature measurement, and safety control units.


Application field:

Spark plasma sintering is suitable for almost all materials, such as metals, ceramics, and composite materials. It is significant for realizing high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost, and low-cost material preparation. In addition, spark plasma sintering equipment is not limited to sintering applications of materials but can also be used for joining, forming, surface modification, etc.

intermetallic compound Metal Cermet Ceramics Other Materials
Oxide Ceramics Carbide Ceramics Nitride Ceramics Boride Ceramics Fluoride Ceramics
TiAl, MoSi2, NbAl, NiAl, NbCo, Si3Zr5, etc. Fe, Cu, Al, Au, Cr, Mo, Sn, Ti, W Si3N4+Ni, Al2O3+TiC, WC+Co+Fe, Al2O3+Ni, ZrO2+Ni, etc. Al2O3, ZrO2, MgO, SiO2, TiO2, etc. SiC, B4C, TiC, WC, ZrC, VC, etc. Si3N4, TaN, TiN, AlN, ZrN, VN, etc. TiB2, HfB2, VB2, ZrB2, LaB6, etc. LiF, MgF2, CaF2, etc. Organic materials, composite materials, etc.


Features of SPS Spark plasma sintering furnace:

  • Rapid sintering: the heating rate can reach above 500℃/min. The sintering time is significantly shorter than traditional methods such as hot pressing, HIP, and pressureless sintering.
  • Purification & activation sintering: particle surface purification effect (removal of adsorbed gas & oxide film) and particle surface activation effect to achieve sintering of difficult-to-sinter materials
  • Fine-grain sintering: rapid temperature rise inhibits grain growth, regulates the microstructure, and prepares the required sintered body (one of the best ways to prepare nanocrystalline materials)
  • Wide range temperature sintering: the sintering temperature covers the high-temperature range from low temperature to 2300 °C
  • Density control sintering: From porous body to dense sintered body, density control is free and easy
  • Temperature gradient sintering: Create a temperature gradient (hundreds of ℃/mm) in the mold. It can achieve simultaneous sintering of materials with different melting points. (one of the best ways to prepare functionally graded materials)


Technical Parameters:

Rated Pressure 20KN 30KN 50KN 100KN 200KN 500KN
Max. Output Current 2000A 3000A 5000A 6000A 10000A 30000A
Max. Output Voltage 10V 10V 10V 10V 10V 10V
Rated Power 20KW 30KW 50KW 60KW 100KW 300KW
Sample Size Φ20mm Φ30mm Φ30mm Φ50mm Φ100mm Φ200mm
Max. Temperature 2300℃ 2300℃ 2300℃ 2300℃ 2300℃ 2300℃
Head stroke 60mm 60mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 200mm
Limited Vacuum Low vacuum mode ≤10Pa (mechanical pump)

High vacuum mode ≤6*10-3Pa (optional mechanical pump + molecular pump)

Temperature Measurement Infrared temperature measurement (temperature measurement range 250°C-2500°C), thermocouple temperature measurement (temperature measurement range 0°C-1200°C)
Electronic Control System Touch screen + PLC

Equipped with a complete control system and data analysis system to realize the monitoring and analysis of pressure, temperature, current and other parameters

Note: The product can be customized and developed


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