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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

The vacuum hot pressing furnace combines vacuum/atmosphere, hot pressing, and high-temperature sintering. It is suitable for high-temperature hot forming of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics. For example, it is used for vacuum sintering of transparent ceramics, industrial ceramics, and other metals and alloy materials composed of refractory metals。

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace Description:

Vacuum hot press furnace is a thermal equipment that uses thermal energy and mechanical properties to densify powdered materials. Its characteristic is that the sintering temperature can be about 200℃~400℃ lower than that of normal pressure sintering depending on the size of the external pressure. At the same time, the external energy accelerates the densification speed of the powdered material. Therefore, fully dense products can be produced at a lower temperature and in a shorter time.


Vacuum hot press furnace is widely used in the net near forming and densification of parts of various composite materials, various high thermal conductivity materials, SiC/Si3N4/B4C ceramic materials, copper-based powder materials, iron-based powder materials, iron-copper-based powder materials, and other materials.

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace features:

  • Induction heating (maximum temperature 2600℃) and resistance heating (maximum temperature 2200℃) are two optional heating methods
  • Control the temperature and pressure simultaneously
  • Automatic switching between thermocouple (temperature control in low-temperature section) and high-precision infrared thermometer (temperature control in high-temperature section)
  • Pressure control method: hydraulic motor servo control or proportional valve flow control
  • The main components are imported from well-known brands, with high measurement and control accuracy
  • The furnace chamber structure is a vertical side-opening front-loading structure with a double-layer water-cooled furnace shell
  • The frame design is reasonable, with high strength, minimal deformation, and no vibration, etc.
  • A variety of heat chambers are available (graphite heating element + graphite hard felt and soft felt composite insulation layer. Metal heating element + ceramic insulation layer. Metal heating element + metal reflective screen), with the characteristics of fast heating and good temperature uniformity.
  • Can work under vacuum (normal vacuum, high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum) or atmosphere (reaction atmosphere, inert atmosphere) conditions
  • Fully automatic control, human-machine interface operation, full data monitoring and storage, safety interlock, automatic alarm

Technical Parameters:

Model Rated Power
Max. Temp
Working Area
CNE-HPF-30 30 2200℃/2600℃ Φ80*100 10/10-3/10-4 10-200
CNE-HPF-50 50 2200℃/2600℃ Φ160*200 10/10-3/10-4 10-200
CNE-HPF-80 80 2200℃/2600℃ Φ260*350 10/10-3/10-4 10-200
CNE-HPF-120 120 2200℃/2600℃ Φ350*400 10/10-3/10-4 10-300
CNE-HPF-200 200 2200℃/2600℃ Φ450*500 10/10-3/10-4 10-300
CNE-HPF-300 300 2200℃/2600℃ Φ500*600 10/10-3/10-4 10-400
CNE-HPF-400 400 2200℃/2600℃ Φ600*800 10/10-3/10-4 10-500

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Optional configuration:

Combustible gas system – increase the ability to heat components in a reducing environment (such as hydrogen)
Chiller/cooling tower – for closed-loop cooling
O2 monitor – used to measure the oxygen content in the supply gas or chamber environment
Gas purifier – used to remove impurities in the gas supply
Rapid cooling system

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