Product Summary

This is our product summary page, including carbide dewaxing and sintering integrated furnace, medium frequency induction furnace, high vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum arc furnace, high temperature vacuum resistance furnace, carbon tube furnace, four tube furnace, molybdenum wire furnace, vacuum molybdenum sheet furnace, graphitization furnace, sintering furnace, silicon carbide sintering furnace, carbonization furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, high-temperature experimental furnace, nano powder metallurgy, hydrogen recovery and purification equipment


Our philosophy

Our engineers have rich experience and provide our customers with professional energy-saving and consumption-reducing products.

The equipment is highly automated and intelligent, making the equipment safer.

Won a number of national patents, integrating a number of technological innovations, the products have been inspected by many institutions for superior performance.

The equipment is energy-saving and power-saving, with low power consumption and cost savings.

The equipment is stable and the failure rate is low, saving time and effort for customers.

The use of equipment is highly efficient, improving efficiency and increasing production for customers.

Online or face-to-face training to train operation and maintenance technicians for users.

The company has won the recognition of customers because of technological innovation, improved technology, reliable quality and considerate service.


High quality industrial electric furnace

Safe, efficient, stable, energy-saving and affordable

Our commitment

"We are committed to building a safer, more efficient, more stable, more energy-saving and more affordable industrial electric furnace, constantly innovate, improve service quality, and build cnequips into a world-class electric furnace manufacturer."
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