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Dewaxing & Sintering Integrated Furnace with Vacuum/Multi-Gases Controlled

The dewaxing & sintering furnace refers to the process of dewaxing, pre-sintering, high-temperature vacuum/atmosphere sintering, and rapid cooling of the furnace body in the same furnace.

Dewaxing & Sintering Integrated Furnace introduction:

The dewaxing & sintering integrated furnace refers to the process of dewaxing, pre-sintering, high-temperature vacuum/atmosphere sintering, and rapid cooling of the furnace body in the same furnace.


The pressed alloy powder is always heated to a certain temperature (sintering temperature) in the sintering furnace and kept for a certain time (holding time). Then, cool down to obtain the desired properties of the alloy material.

Material application:

Cemented carbide
Hard metals
PM-special alloys
Technical ceramics

Dewaxing & Sintering Integrated Furnace function:

Dewaxing/ debinding for all conventional binders: Vacuum dewaxing, Negative (Ar gas) differential pressure dewaxing, H2 gas micro-positive pressure dewaxing (with flowing H2 burn-off system)

Sintering: Under vacuum sintering, with inert and reactive gases sintering (atmosphere sintering)

Features of the Integrated Furnace:

  • Efficient dewaxing and wax collection system, the dewaxing rate is over 95%.
    The system directs the forming agent (paraffin) removed from the workpiece out of the furnace. And collect the forming agent as much as possible to avoid the pollution of the forming agent to the furnace and vacuum system.
  • Uniform temperature control
    It uses three independently and reasonably distributed heaters to ensure temperature uniformity in the heating zone. Equipped with a heater circuit insulation resistance detection system to detect heating system failures in time.
  • Precise Control and Measurement
    Adopt high-precision measurement and control technology to control pressure, temperature, and flow parameters precisely. It has a perfect and comprehensive data record backup function. It can realize remote control, remote fault diagnosis, and system maintenance operation.
  • Rapid cooling, shortening the production cycle
    To improve the cooling efficiency of the furnace, a special heat exchanger and a special cooling fan are installed on the rear door.

Technical Data

Model Effective
Zone (mm)
Volume (L)
Max. Temp.
Vacuum (Pa)
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-20/16 200*160*300 10 1550 (2200) 3 (7*10-3) 20
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-25/50 250*230*500 28 1550 (2200) 3 (7*10-3) 50
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-30/60 300*280*600 50 1550 (2200) 3 (7*10-3) 100
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-35/70 350*320*700 78 1550 (2200) 3 (7*10-3) 150
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-40/80 400*380*800 122 1550 (2200) 3 (7*10-3) 200
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-45/90 450*420*900 170 1550 (2200) 3 (7*10-3) 300
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-50/120 500*480*1200 288 1550 3 (7*10-3) 500
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-50/180 500*480*1800 432 1550 3 800
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-55/120 550*520*1200 343 1550 3 600
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-60/120 600*450*900 243 1550 3 450
CNEQUIPS-DSGF-60/180 600*500*1800 540 1550 3 1000

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