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Vacuum sintering furnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is an industrial furnace that sinters in a vacuum environment or in an inert gas for protective sintering of heated items.

Vacuum sintering furnace introduction

Vacuum sintering furnace is an industrial furnace that sinters in a vacuum environment or an inert gas for protective sintering of heated items.


Application field of vacuum sintering furnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is suitable for vacuum or atmosphere high-temperature sintering of cemented carbide, ceramic materials, silicon carbide products, photoelectric coating materials, refractory metals (tungsten, molybdenum, tungsten-copper alloy), and other alloy materials.


Features of silicon carbide sintering furnace

  1. Automated, all operations of the furnace are performed on the touch screen.

Automatic monitoring of water, electricity, and gas conditions during operation. The touch screen can observe the operating status of the equipment, equipment alarm indication, heating curve, etc., at any time.

  1. High-quality raw materials: The furnace body is all made of 304 stainless steel, built in strict accordance with pressure vessel standards, with good corrosion resistance and airtight performance. The insulation material is made of high-purity graphite felt, which is durable. All electrical components are world-renowned brands with reliable operation.
  2. High safety: the furnace body is equipped with an automatic explosion-proof valve, which is safe and reliable. The sensor part is separately installed with a water flow meter to monitor the water flow in real time. The power supply strictly and effectively sets the over-current value and over-voltage value according to the requirements.
  3. Reasonable design: single chamber, horizontal structure, front door or front and rear double doors, easy and convenient operation of feeding and discharging materials. The layout of silicon carbide sintering furnace equipment is compact and reasonable, and the floor space is small.
  4. Working atmosphere: hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gas, temperature measurement: far infrared optical temperature measurement.
  5. Perfect after-sales service: one-year quality assurance, life-long technical support. Engineers can be sent to the customer site for installation and commissioning, and remote guidance for installation and commissioning is also available.


Main Technical Data



Lab Furnace Mass Production Furnace
Usable Space mm 300×260×550 450×450×750 500×500×1200 500×500×1500 600×600×2000 750×750×2000
Heating Process / Isostatic graphite cage heating (resistance heating)
Control Method / Manual + automatic + mobile terminal remote operation
Volume L 36 151 300 375 720 1125
Loading Capacity g Loading Capacity * Density
Power KW 100 165 250 300 400 550
Limited Vacuum Pa 5 Pa(room temperature, empty. Add diffusion pump to -2 Pa)
Continuous Working Temperature 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300
Maximum Temperature 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400
Temperature Uniformity ±5 ±5 ±5 ±5 ±5 ±5
Working Atmosphere / Vacuum or Inert Gas Protection (Micro positive pressure)


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